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For business

We are committed to a fruitful cooperation with the business world, that’s why we guarantee a flexible, tailored to the individual needs of each client. Conduct its business for you, we make every effort to fulfill transport service expectations even for the most demanding customers.

We are open for your suggestions, even the most extreme, so you should choose us for a business partner. We listen to the needs of our customers this is why so many companies and institutions trusted us. For us, nothing is impossible and there are no places where we could not drive you. Often we serve a business conferences for Polish and foreign entrepreneurs, scientists and politicians.

With years of experience, we have a great understanding of the market of transport services, we work with multilingual guides, hotels and restaurants. We offer consulting in the field of tourism sightseeing, on your request we will plan a program exploring the most interesting places in Poland, enriched by cultural offer. By choosing our company, you can use our proposed routes and transfers or select services “tailor made”.

This proposition is for people who expect exceptional service and want to reach out to unusual places. Our driver adjusts route and along the way, will show you the interesting sights and the nearby, offering excellent cuisine restaurants and hotels. During all the time of our collaboration, communicating in English chauffeur, will serve advice and help with your luggage. Just send us a request and we’ll do the rest. If you decide once again to take advantage of our services, we will offer attractive discounts and long-term cooperation.